C.D. Productions knows how important the music is for any event. This is why we have a music library that includes over 20,000 songs from Big Band to today’s hottest dance hits that we update every week.  It would take over 150 pages if we tried to print out for our clients to see, so it is very seldom that are DJ doesn’t have a song that someone wants to hear.  

 C.D. Productions can provide your event with state of the art sound, Dance, and Up lighting.  The equipment featured by our company is the same brands that many Concert venues and theme parks use. Providing a crisp clean sound and professional look which allows us to tailor it to fit any room big or small and even outdoors. C.D. Productions also carries back up equipment to ensure a flawless event, something most other companies don’t.

 Our light show and effects add an awesome flare of color to the occasion taking a boring venue and turning it into a magical and amazing look giving it that extra WOW affect for your event. Most of our equipment is what you would see in your high end nightclubs and amusement parks. From multiple color beams from our movers, awesome laser shows and soft up lighting.  C.D. Productions has the right sound & lighting to fit your budget! 

 We can also can do indoor sparklers, dancing on a cloud, projectors, screens, flat screen TV’s, stage lightning and much more. 

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