About The Company

C.D. Productions Mobile DJ & Light Productions was started over 20 years ago by owner Chris Dedman when we was just 12 years old. Chris was fortune enough to have grown up in a house full of different genres of music. H was also fortunate enough to witness the meaning of good customer service and how important it was for success business.

C.D. Productions want to provide amazing entertainment for events and weddings. To create “WOW” factor for our client and their guest. We want to take the worry and stress off of you, so you can enjoy what is going on in the moment and let us take care of the rest. We aren’t here to just play music.

Our companies goal is to create a wonderful experience that is catered to your event. We treat every event with outstanding compassion & love working with you closely one on one to personalize any and every aspect possible in the most professional manner.

We know planning one event can get overwhelming but we believe it shouldn’t be a burden. We want to be there with you every step of the way taking so, we can make sure your event is as magical as possible.

Our DJ’s

Our DJ’s consists of fun, personable, and mature Disc Jockeys and Event Host.  Our professional DJ’s come from diverse cultural backgrounds, each with a unique style and flow. Experienced in weddings, corporate events, music festival, nightclubs, universities, proms, and other private celebrations, our team of experts is specially trained to provide you with the best music and service for your special day! Our DJ’s have been trained to mix and blend music to make sure your dance floor stays packed. This way  your not having to worry about dead air or downtime. They have also been trained to read the crowd, feed off their energy and the of music everyone wants to dance to. 

The service that our DJ’s provide is not just about the entertainment. They have been known to help seat guests, serve dinners, stage hand for opening bands, co-host events (when others back out) and even find a new wedding cake for a bride on the day of her wedding.  It is this kind of detail that is important for a perfect event and that is why C.D. Productions, has gained so much respect among their peers and the facilities that book them. Our DJ’s goal is to make sure you and your guest are having a great time,  which allow them to worry about everything else. 

 C.D. Productions DJ’s believe that it takes more than just “somebody to play music” it takes someone with understanding, compassion and making YOU priority number one, no matter what.  

 Our DJ’s always play the crowd and take request. They will play as many songs as possible, but keep in mind you can only play an average of 64 songs in a 4 hour event.  Your DJ will also play any special songs or request that you would like, just let us know in advance so that we can do everything within our ability to get those for you. If for some reason we are not able to find your special song and you have a copy of it, we would be more than happy to play it for you. It’s all about making you and your guest happy to the best of our ability.

C.D. Productions Mobile DJ Central Kentucky’s number one requested DJ system for over 15 years.

Chris Dedman (DJ HAVOC)